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Internship Success: a Blueprint by a.i. solutions


Welcome to “Internship Success: A Blueprint by a.i. solutions,” where we explore the journey from college to career-defining internships. Our hosts provide valuable advice on interview preparation, etiquette, negotiating salaries, crafting impactful resumes, and making the most of your internship. Tune in for practical, experience-based guidance to empower your professional development and career success.

Episode 1: Ace Your Interview

January 12, 2024

In this episode from a.i. solutions it introduces Sarah, Brody, and Olivia, aiming to guide interns toward interview success. This series serves as a roadmap for future interns, addressing the daunting transition from college jobs to career-defining internships. Acknowledging the distinctive nature of intern interviews, they stress the importance of selling potential and offer comprehensive […]

Episode 2: Interview Finesse

January 12, 2024

a.i. solutions reintroduce their recruiting team to delve into the crucial realm of interview etiquette. After a quick recap, the team underscores the surprising importance of simple etiquettes, especially in the ever-competitive job market. Brody emphasizes the pre-interview essentials: research, understanding the role, and appropriate attire, whether in-person or virtual. During the interview, Sarah highlights […]

Episode 3: Money Talk

January 12, 2024

In this episode, the team starts diving into the intricacies of salary negotiations. The episode unfolds as a guide to navigating this pivotal aspect of job offers, emphasizing key steps and distinctions between internship and full-time negotiations. Brody introduces the delicate art of negotiation, stressing the importance of industry research, self-evaluation, and understanding the experience’s […]

Episode 4: Your Future On Paper

January 12, 2024

In this episode, the team dives into the critical aspect of building a resume. This episode marks a crucial step in the series after covering interview preparation, etiquette, and salary negotiations. The team underscores the resume’s pivotal role as the first impression for recruiters and managers, especially daunting for interns with limited experience. Brody leads […]

Episode 5: Intern-Ship Happens

January 12, 2024

a.i. solutions’ recruiting team revisits the series’ essence, covering essential aspects of internship application and experiences. Detailing the 13-week summer program, they highlight the application timeline, interview process, and insights from the 2023 internships. Sharing specifics from last year’s intern cohort, they delve into diverse roles, from engineering at Kennedy Space Center to digital media […]