FreeFlyer® Meridian

FreeFlyer® Meridian is a turnkey, cost-effective solution for satellite mission operations. Optimizing common flight dynamics requirements in the GEO and LEO regimes, Meridian accesses the FreeFlyer astrodynamics engine through user-friendly graphical interfaces specifically designed for streamlined spacecraft operations. Meridian provides system-specific planning and automation capabilities with minimal customization when integrating into a larger ground system, thus offering flexibility across hardware configurations, operating systems, and mobile platforms.

Key FreeFlyer Meridian features and benefits include:

  • Configurable for any ground system with a simple three-component architecture: the Meridian web interface, an internal database, and customized FreeFlyer Mission Plans
  • Flexible use across various hardware configurations and operating systems, including mobile applications
  • Optimized for routine single or multi-spacecraft flight dynamics operations such as maneuver planning, orbit determination, orbit propagation, station change, maneuver calibration and more
  • Straightforward operator interfaces enable streamlined operations, allowing operators to easily manage daily functions, set up automated workflows, and integrate seamlessly with other ground system components

With Meridian, a.i. solutions can rapidly deliver a cost-effective modern flight dynamics ground system solution to meet the needs of a commercial GEO or LEO satellite. Check out this video to learn more.

FreeFlyer® Meridian Documents