At a.i. solutions, we believe that our people are our most valuable assets. As a company, we strive to create a culture that fosters growth, collaboration, and innovation, and it’s our employees who bring these values to life.

We are proud to highlight the exemplary efforts of our team members who have gone above and beyond to deliver on our promise of exceptional customer service, care for their colleagues, and a commitment to adding value to our organization. Here you will find featured bios of employees who demonstrated a dedication to personal and professional growth and have become shining examples of what it means to be a part of the a.i. solutions family. We are honored to showcase their stories and hope you will join us in celebrating their achievements.

Aaron Wilson
Space Products & Systems

Spotlight on Aaron Wilson

For leading software development for the Meridian team – implementing key capabilities, assisting team members with nuanced features, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Thank You, Aaron!

Amanda Alano
National Security Space

Spotlight on Amanda Alano

For assisting our HR & Recruiting Teams in the successful transition of our new POPS-I teammates and exemplifying our Core Value: “Take Care of the Team.”

You Rock, Amanda!

Andrea Sanders

Spotlight on Andrea Sanders

For completing the implementation of the competitive database four months ahead of schedule.

Great Work, Andrea!

Brian Lawson

Spotlight on Brian Lawson

Recipient of the NASA Silver Achievement Medal for significantly reducing overall mission delays through your familiarity with the supplementary equipment during Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer.

Great Job, Brian!

Candice Dosela
National Security Space

Spotlight on Candice Dosela

For stellar engineering insights and spot on recommendations to our customers and for authoring a special study report focusing on ground system applications.

You Rock, Candice!

Chris McCarrick

Spotlight on Chris McCarrick

For bringing great credit on yourself and the team with your competitive selection as the Ground-based Midcourse Defense Contractor Employee of the Year, Test/QS recipient!

You Rock, Chris!

Craig Chamberlain
Army Programs

Spotlight on Craig Chamberlain

For earning the first ABQ Midas Touch Award for Gold Standard performance!

Way to Go, Craig!

Ethan Schubert
National Security Space

Spotlight on Ethan Schubert

For the development of a maneuver planning script that showcases our innovative approach to satellite operations, reducing mission planning time by at least 8 hours.

Great Job, Ethan!

George Kochli

Spotlight on George Kochli

For earning the first ABQ Midas Touch Award for Gold Standard performance!

Way to Go, George!

Ginger Guess
Army / MDA Programs

Spotlight on Ginger Guess

For providing extraordinary coordination and customer support that highlights our commitment to always exceed customer expectations.

Thanks for All You Do, Ginger!

Jerome Hardin
Army Programs

Spotlight on Jerome Hardin

For outstanding contributions to the THAAD Quality Configuration Management team, including the development and implementation of a comprehensive schedule and software quad chart to provide oversight into the THAAD Components’ software.

Way to Go, Jerome!

Jim Pharr
Space Products & Systems

Spotlight on Jim Pharr

For Exceptional contributions in leading Meridian Aerospace Engineering enhancements resulting in software deliveries to the Landsat-8 & 9, STPSat-6, and Dream Chaser missions.

Good Work, Jim!

Kelsey Morris
National Security Space

Spotlight on Kelsey Morris

For stepping up in support of our IT Department and continuing to exceed customer expectations as a Network Engineer supporting the EWOCS team.

Outstanding, Kelsey!

Luke Schoenwetter
Space Products & Systems

Spotlight on Luke Schoenwetter

For demonstrating ongoing technical mastery and furthering FreeFlyer’s optimization capabilities with an implementation of low thrust control modeling.

Good Work, Luke!

Luz Hargrove

Spotlight on Luz Hargrove

For her leadership and dedication in making our 2nd Annual AMPLIFY Fireside Chat an overwhelming success! Through Luz’s planning and organization, the event connected Women in STEM across the nation.

We Amplify You, Luz!

Lysette Bergery

Spotlight on Lysette Bergery

For the successful delivery of our new fully integrated benefits platform, PlanSource! PlanSource provides a 360-degree upgrade to our benefits administration efforts while reducing costs by 35%.

Way to Go, Lysette!

Mike Rourke

Spotlight on Mike Rourke

For exemplifying our Core Value: “Take Care of the Team” while leading FreeFlyer development sprints and assisting teammates across the operating unit – all with an incredibly upbeat and inspiring attitude.

Way to Go, Mike!

Nate McCoun
Space Products & Systems

Spotlight on Nate McCoun

For promotion to FleeFlyer Support Lead and providing exceptional mentorship to new teammates.

Congrats, Nate!

Nathan Kettner
National Security Space

Spotlight on Nathan Kettner

For support in the development of the flight dynamics system design for Tranche 1 Transport Layer satellite constellation and his commitment to exceed custom expectations.

Outstanding, Nathan!

Nicole Neal
Civil & Commercial Programs

Spotlight on Nicole Neal

NASA Space HErO recipient for providing exceptional support in leading the development of a dashboard, calendar, and weekly notes SharePoint site for the Strategy and Development functional area of Deep Space Logistics.

Good Work, Nicole!

Phil Meyerson
Civil & Commercial Programs

Spotlight on Phil Meyerson

For delivering a custom Operations Dashboard Splunk application which implements a defined workflow for training, deploying, and monitoring machine learning models, and improves cross-team communication.

Great Work, Phil!

Rodney Sanchez

Spotlight on Rodney Sanchez

For exceptional performance as the POPS-I Mission Planning and Orbital Analysis Lead, receiving recognition from the customer for successfully planning and executing multiple SV maneuvers and Conjunction Assessment analyses with his team.

Thank You, Rodney!

Sam Vaughn
Civil & Commercial Programs

Spotlight on Sam Vaughn

For demonstrating our Core Value commitment to “Take Care of the Team” through workplace mentorship and for helping to make a.i. solutions a great place to work.

Way to Go, Sam!

Sara Fields

Spotlight on Sara Fields

For her commitment to supporting growth and innovation by kicking off the aiLabs program, an initiative to solicit and fund internal research and development ideas from across the company.

Way to Go, Sara!