University Students

a.i. solutions provides an engaged workforce that delivers innovative products and services that enable access to space and ensure national security.

Great Careers for College Grads

We are committed to supporting academic excellence by providing you with hands-on experience in both technical and professional development skills needed to enter the workforce after college. We offer college students, in select programs of study, paid internships where you will contribute to real space mission-related projects within the organization. Many of our internships will lead to full-time positions at one of our locations in the United States.

FreeFlyer® Software — Free for Students

That’s right! The most powerful astrodynamics software tool in the industry is completely FREE for students. FreeFlyer is a space simulation program designed to simulate and model various scenarios including, but not limited to: spacecraft propagation, spacecraft maneuvering, coverage and contact analysis, interplanetary analysis, and generating plots, charts, and videos. Also, FreeFlyer has a scripting capability which allows the user to use the tool in what ever way they desire.

What’s an Internship at a.i. solutions Like?