Rapid Prototyping for Complex Space Systems

Testing Terrain Relative Navigation

aiLabs offers a unique approach to spacecraft simulation by combining real onboard hardware with a tailored aerial computing platform, supported by high-bandwidth wireless communication and a precise flight control system. Our system performs fully automated, FAA-Certified flights to create simulated data that cannot be generated by any other means. Rapid prototyping and development allow us to create custom systems tailored to any mission. Our solutions are designed and operated completely in house—from design to development to data capture and analysis, we test flight software in a way that no one else can.

Real Example: Testing Terrain Relative Navigation in a Lunar Descent Trajectory

At a.i. solutions, our exclusive approach combines the latest hardware with crucial aspects of industry-leading flight dynamics simulators, high-performance computers, and artificial intelligence to provide data-driven answers for the questions related to your mission.

The environments simulated by these factors and overseen by our spaceflight analysis experts allow us to create realistic scenarios to provide you with real-time data without ever launching your spacecraft. No matter your mission, we can make it happen by arming you with data so you are “go” for launch.