Streamlined solution for GEO and LEO flight dynamics operations, powered by the
FreeFlyer® engine to meet your individual mission requirements.

Meridian Flight Dynamics Operations

Meridian Flight Dynamics Ground Systems is a turnkey, cost-effective solution for satellite mission operations that builds upon a.i. solutions’ decades of experience developing flight dynamics software for ground systems. By consolidating the common flight dynamics requirements for spacecraft in the GEO and LEO regimes, Meridian provides optimized performance with minimal customization and integration effort.

Meridian accesses the FreeFlyer astrodynamics engine through user-friendly graphical interfaces specifically designed for streamlined spacecraft operations. Meridian provides system-specific planning and automation capabilities, offering flexibility across hardware configurations and operating systems.

illustration of employees using Meridian Flight Dynamics Ground Systems for satellite mission operations

Key Features of Meridian

From future mission design and analysis to automated operations for tomorrow’s mega-constellations, can be utilized in multiple ways to bring value to any space company or organization.

  • Configurable for any ground system with a simple three-component architecture: the Meridian web interface, an internal database, and customized FreeFlyer Mission Plans
  • Flexible use across various hardware configurations and operating systems, including mobile applications
  • Optimized for routine single or multi-spacecraft flight dynamics operations such as maneuver planning, orbit determination, orbit propagation, maneuver calibration, and more
  • Straightforward operator interface enable streamlined operations, allowing operators to easily manage daily functions, set up automated workflows, and integrate seamlessly with other ground system components

  • Meridian System Architecture

    Meridian consists of three components: a web application, internal database, and FreeFlyer with customized ground system scripts. This architecture allows for flexible configurations as a standalone application or client/server paradigm, using Windows or Linux operating systems.

  • Meridian Web Application and Database

    The web application is the interface layer for Meridian and can be accessed by the operator via a web browser or directly from other ground system components, such as a TT&C system. Role-based permissions can restrict operator access to specific spacecraft, tasks, or other levels of control. The machine interface allows Meridian to ingest telemetry and tracking data, generate products on demand, and share those products with other ground system components. System activity is logged and can be sorted/filtered to review past activity and troubleshoot any issues. Operator inputs are stored internally and tied to the resulting products, making it easy to rerun tasks.

  • Meridian Flight Dynamics Functionality

    Meridian comes packaged with FreeFlyer, the space mission design, analysis, and operations software used in more than 250+ missions. The FreeFlyer software and accompanying scripts are executed by Meridian to generate flight dynamics products. These products include orbit determination, maneuver planning, orbit propagation, orbit events (e.g. eclipses, sensor intrusions, view periods, solar transits), orbit comparison, maneuver calibration, and lifetime analysis. With Meridian, a.i. solutions can rapidly deliver a cost-effective modern flight dynamics ground system solution to meet the needs of any GEO or LEO satellite.