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Episode 3: Money Talk

January 12, 2024

In this episode, the team starts diving into the intricacies of salary negotiations. The episode unfolds as a guide to navigating this pivotal aspect of job offers, emphasizing key steps and distinctions between internship and full-time negotiations. Brody introduces the delicate art of negotiation, stressing the importance of industry research, self-evaluation, and understanding the experience’s value. Olivia underscores the significance of assessing the role’s long-term impact and potential career advancement. The team shares tips on timing, expressing enthusiasm, understanding employer expectations, and justifying salary requests during negotiations. Sarah highlights the post-offer phase, advocating for thoughtful consideration, formalizing offers in writing, readiness to compromise, and maintaining professionalism throughout the process. While acknowledging that intern salaries are typically pre-determined, the podcast guides listeners on confidently approaching negotiations armed with research and a collaborative mindset for a mutually beneficial outcome. Listeners gain insights to navigate future salary discussions, empowering them in their career pursuits.

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