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a.i. solutions Provides Innovative Launch Support Solutions that Enable Access to Space

Based in Cape Canaveral and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Florida, a.i. solutions provides complete launch vehicle engineering, analysis, and support services. We also provide expertise in systems and launch site support engineering – from communications and telemetry to facilities operations and management. Our engineers and subject-matter experts (SMEs) have provided launch services that support well-known vehicles such as Atlas II/V, Delta II/IV, Pegasus XL, Taurus XL/2, Falcon 1/9 and Minotaur I/IV.

Engineering & Analysis

a.i. solutions provides complete launch vehicle engineering and analysis services across the nation at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Patrick Air Force Base, Vandenberg Air Force Base, and Los Angeles Air Force Base. These end-to-end support services include:

  • Flight Design (Trajectory Optimization )
  • Flight Software Analysis
  • Thermal/Fluid Dynamics
  • Structural Dynamics, Strength/Stress
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Guidance, Navigation & Control (GN&C)
  • Avionics
  • Propulsion
  • Ordnance
  • Mechanical Structures
  • Manufacturing Insight
  • Reliability & Safety Engineering

Support Services

Launch Site Support Engineering

Launch site support engineering is integral to every phase of the Mission Lifecycle. a.i. solutions brings relevant, hands-on launch site support expertise focused around mission planning and ground procesing activities to prepare for any launch.

Communications & Telemetry (C&T)

a.i. solutions ensures continuous operational readiness by implementing effective C&T operations and management (O&M), sustaining engineering, and development through strong collaboration with our customers. a.i. solutions has achieved 99% uptime rate in support of 15 NASA missions, 110 launch operations, and over 40,000 hours of telemetry recordings.

Facility Operations & Maintenance

Facility operations and maintenance support is vital to every mission. a.i. solutions provides services that ensure all facility systems and equipment are ready to support mission operations according to mission schedules and requirements.

Information Technology (IT) Support

A sound IT infrastructure is important for managing data and providing innovative solutions to improve productivity and reduce risk associated to each mission. a.i. solutions offers IT services that include procuring, developing, operating, maintaining, integrating, and securing IT systems and tools that manage information required for launch services.

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