a.i. solutions Unveils “Meridian” Application for Satellite Ground Systems

April 9, 2015

New Flight Dynamics Software to be Demonstrated at Annual Space Symposium

Lanham, MD – a.i. solutions today announced it has developed “Meridian,” a new cost-effective, flight dynamics software application for defense, civil and commercial satellite ground systems. Built on the trusted FreeFlyer® astrodynamics software, Meridian addresses common geosynchronous and low earth orbit (GEO/LEO) spacecraft flight dynamics requirements and streamlines operations.

“We are pleased to offer our customers Meridian with the power and reliability of FreeFlyer® in a pre-built package for their GEO or LEO ground system,” said Bob Sperling, a.i. solutions President and CEO. “Meridian allows us to better serve customers requiring flexible and automated support.”

Meridian’s architecture consists of three components that can be configured to meet the needs of any ground system – the Meridian web interface, a database and FreeFlyer® . It was designed for flexible use across various hardware configurations and operating systems, including mobile applications. Meridian is optimized for flight dynamics operations typical for managing a fleet of satellites, such as maneuver planning, orbit determination, orbit propagation, station change, maneuver calibration and more. With Meridian, operators can easily manage daily functions, perform anomaly analysis, and work seamlessly with other ground system components.

a.i. solutions will demonstrate Meridian in the company’s exhibit booth April 13-16 during the 31st Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colo.

About a.i. solutions
Founded in 1996, a.i. solutions is a small-business provider of innovative mission-critical products and services that enable uninterrupted and reliable access to space. a.i. solutions’ services and products span space mission engineering, missile defense systems assurance, launch vehicle services, cyber and information assurance and the FreeFlyer astrodynamics software. For additional information, please visit www.ai-solutions.com and @ai_sol on Twitter.

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