Introducing FreeFlyer® 7.6

October 13, 2020

FreeFlyer® provides complete astrodynamics functionality for missions of any size, any scale, any orbit regime. From planning to spacecraft disposal, FreeFlyer supports the full lifecycle of your mission.

New Features for FreeFlyer 7.6

Optimization – Take Your Mission to the Next Level!

  • Generic optimization for multivariable optimization of user-defined objective functions
  • Users can control state variables, equality and inequality constraints, objective functions, gradients, and Jacobians
  • Supports 3 industry-standard optimizers: Ipopt, NLopt, and SNOPT (SNOPT users must provide their own DLL)

FreeFlyer orbit paths in FreeFlyer 7.6

Relative Motion – Enhancements for Proximity Operations

  • Hill-Clohessy-Wiltshire (HCW) equations of relative motion built into new HCW propagator
  • RelativeMotionUtilities object allows users to compute delta-V for rendezvous/proximity operations maneuvers and predict future relative motion
  • Users can convert relative Spacecraft states between Cartesian and new curvilinear reference frames
  • New orbit wizards enable users to configure Spacecraft in common relative motion flight patterns

FreeFlyer 7.6 Relative Motion - Enhancements for Proximity Operations

Improved Plot Output

  • New predefined color palettes allow users to easily create several different professional plot styles
  • New convenience methods give users more control over PlotWindow text, line, marker, and axis styling

Improved Plot Output FreeFlyer 7.6

Many Other New Capabilities!

  • New FileSystem object enables users to easily copy and delete files and directories
  • New Diagnostics object improves error reporting and tracking and exposes error messages from Try blocks
  • FreeFlyer is now supported in Docker containers (network licensing only)
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