New FreeFlyer® Student Spotlight Program

July 21, 2020

The FreeFlyer team is pleased to announce our new Student Spotlight Program! The Student Spotlight Program gives students a chance to be recognized for their outstanding use of FreeFlyer. A new student will be selected monthly and will be featured on our website and social media pages.

Image Credit: 2018 FreeFlyer Student Intern from the University of Alabama.

How to Apply

The Student Spotlight Program is open to students at any point in their educational career, graduate students, undergraduates, and even high schoolers are welcome to apply! To apply for the program students must submit a short biography (100 words or less), information about their research, and description of their use of FreeFlyer. Additionally, students are strongly encouraged to submit their Mission Plans and support files so that our team can verify the functionality of the Mission Plan. Students who choose not to submit a Mission Plan will not be disqualified from being selected, but they will be at a disadvantage compared to students who do submit their Mission plans. Students can fill out an application for the program by clicking the button below:

Register Today!

Why Apply?

The Student Spotlight Program gives you the chance to let the world know you are a FreeFlyer pro! Students selected for the program will have the information about their research published on our website along with their biography. With an ever-growing number of companies using FreeFlyer students selected for the Student Spotlight Program will have an advantage when they are looking for employment. The program also provides students a chance to showcase their research and their approaches to solving complex aerospace problems.

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