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Wrangling Chaos: Leveraging Tools for Cislunar Trajectory Design Cislunar space has been one of the most up and coming topics in our industry. Recent years have brought a lot of activity and attention to the domain. NASA is leading the way with the Artemis program, which will send infrastructure and humans to the cislunar environment, but there are a variety of other components to this popular space vertical. Read this article to learn more about the latest trajectory of cislunar space. Read More
Overcoming Observation Obstacles in Cislunar Space for Safe and Successful Exploration Cislunar space is the volume containing the Earth, the Moon, and just beyond the Moon. The region is not rigorously defined; however, it is a regime where neither the gravitational forces associated with Earth, nor the Moon can be neglected. Subsequently, the unique dynamics enable the existence of exotic orbits and trajectories that are not found in near-Earth space. These exotic orbits and trajectories enable exploration of regions that are otherwise difficult to reach. Read More