Getting Started

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The following articles provide an introduction to FreeFlyer. They are designed to first introduce you to the terminology used in FreeFlyer, and then get you started on how to actually navigate the interface to ultimately create a Mission Plan. Furthermore, the numerous sample Mission Plans provided as instructional material to FreeFlyer users are described in greater detail in this section; many functions of the missions you will use FreeFlyer to model can be found already fully prepared in these samples for your use.



Table of Contents

See the pages listed below for all getting started guides available in this section.

FreeFlyer Paradigm

Getting Started with FreeFlyer

Tour of FreeFlyer

oScreen Layout

oTiming Precision Modes

oCreating/Editing Objects

oCreating/Editing Commands

FreeFlyer Configuration

oUser Preferences

oActive Mission Plan Preferences

oUser Profiles

Sample Mission Plans


oMission Plan Wizards

oSpacecraft Propagation Samples

oGenerating Output Samples

oFreeFlyer Scripting Samples

oCoverage and Contact Samples

oManeuvering and Targeting Samples

oInterfacing with External Resources Samples

oOrbit Determination Samples

oInterplanetary Samples