Getting Started with FreeFlyer

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To begin using FreeFlyer, you must first register your license. Once you have registered your license, we recommend that you get to know FreeFlyer in the following way:


1.Run the Demonstration Mission Plans on the Home Screen

2.Go through the Video Tutorials on the Home Screen

3.Go to Open à Browse Sample Mission Plans and open some of the included samples

4.Use a Mission Plan Wizard to create a simple propagation or coverage Mission Plan

5.Create a New Mission Plan

6.Look over the rest of the Help File, especially the Guides section



For a quick start, here are some simple steps to create a new Mission Plan:

Create Mission Plan and Edit Spacecraft

Open FreeFlyer

Go to File à New Mission Plan

In the Object Browser, Click Add à Spacecraft

Double-click on the Spacecraft to Open

Change Element Type to “Keplerian” and enter your desired orbit

Click on “Attitude” (on the left hand side of the Spacecraft object browser) and change the “System” to Spinner. Enter your desired Spin Rate.

Click “Ok”


Create and Edit GroundStation

In the Object Browser, Click Add à GroundStation

Double-click on the GroundStation to Open

Click “Station Geodetics File” and choose a GroundStation from the list

Click “Ok”


Create and Edit Output View

In the Object Browser Click Add à Output à ViewWindow

Double-click on the ViewWindow to Open

Check the boxes for Spacecraft1 and GroundStation1

Click on Spacecraft and Check “Show Axes”

Click “Ok”


Create a Mission Sequence

Drag a “While” command from the “Script Elements” window into your Mission Sequence

Drag a “Step” command into the While loop (place it between the While and the End)

Drag an “Update” command into the While loop

Save your Mission Plan and Run


Output View of GroundStation and Spacecraft with Axes

Output View of GroundStation and Spacecraft with Axes


Replay the Mission Plan

After the Mission Plan has finished running, experiment with the replay toolbar at the top right corner of the Workspace to examine different parts of the simulation



Now you have an easy sample to get started with. You can also add a “FreeForm” script block above the Step command in the Mission Sequence. By looking through the Sample Mission Plans and the rest of the Help File, you will see examples of how to use FreeForm scripting.


Getting Help with FreeFlyer

The View Support Information button under the Help tab of the Menu Bar offers a plethora of information.


View Support Information

View Support Information


The View Support Information button offers information on:


FreeFlyer Version and Build number

FreeFlyer License

oLicense Type

oLicense Tier

oLicense File Contents


oLocation of current Mission Plan on local machine

Current Mission Plan

oPath to current Mission Plan

oTime precision mode


oOperating System


oGraphics Card details




oSupported GL Extensions

oSupported Platform Extensions

Extensions Log

Error Log

oFreeFlyer Error Reports


FreeFlyer Support Information

FreeFlyer Support Information


When contacting the technical support team always include the information given in the View Support Information button to help our team assess your question.