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This section contains references for all objects (and their properties and methods) and functions that can be used in FreeFlyer script. In addition to that, it contains details on every type of script element that can be used in FreeFlyer script along with sample use-cases and notes on special behaviors.



Table of Contents

See the pages listed below for more information on the references available in this section.


Reserved Words


Release History

Supplemental Object Reference

oMillisecond Mode

Deprecated Functionality

oNanosecond Mode

Deprecated Functionality

Installation and Licensing

oIntegrated Development Environment

oNode-Locked Licensing

oDongle Licensing

oNetwork Licensing

oDocker Licensing

Ephemerides and AHF

oFreeFlyer Ephemeris File

oFreeFlyer Attitude History File

oSTK Ephemeris File

oSTK Attitude History File

oSPICE Files

oRinex Nav Broadcast Ephemeris File

oSP3 Ephemeris File

oCode 500 PC Ephemeris File

oTwo-Line Orbital Element Set File

Tracking Data File Formats

oBlackJack Point Solution File


oDSN 60-Byte Observation File

oFF Ground Observation File

oGPS Pivot Point Solution File

oRinex Observation File

oSpacecraft Observation File


oUTDF File

Data Files

oDaylight Savings Time File

oElectron Density Coefficients File

oGravity Model Files

oLeap Second Table

oMagnetic Field Data File

oParticle Flux Maps

oPlanetary Ephemerides

oSolid Tides File

oStar Catalog

oStation Geodetics File

oStation Locations File

oTiming Corrections File

oAtmospheric Density Model Files

Harris Priester Drag File

Jacchia Roberts Drag File

Schatten Solar Flux Files

MSIS Model Files

User-Created Atmospheric Drag Files