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The TDRSUTDFFile object provides functionalities for reading Tracking Data Relay System (TDRS) Observation data (one-way Doppler, two-way Doppler, two-way range) from binary files written in the 75-byte binary Universal Tracking Data Format (UTDF). The time system is UTC, and the scalar data is reference frame independent. When reading in UTDF files through the TDRSUTDFFile object the Spacecraft.SatelliteId property needs to be the TDRS SIC ID in order for the data to be parsed correctly.


UTDF, BRTS UTDF, and TDRSS UTDF are binary 75 byte formats described in detail in the GSFC document "Tracking And Acquisition Handbook For The Spaceflight Tracking And Data Network", October 1994.


For information on how to simulate TDRS Observation data, see Simulating Tracking Data.

For information on viewing and editing data in a TDRS UTDF file, see Using the Tracking Data Editor.

For information on including a TDRS UTDF file in a Kalman Filter, Unscented Kalman Filter, or Batch Least Squares OD process, see Including Tracking Data in an Estimation Process.



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