Station Locations File

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The station locations file (groundstation_names.txt) is an ASCII file delivered with FreeFlyer describing common names or locations for the ground stations listed in the station geodetics file.


Station Locations File Format

The format of the station locations file has two tab delimited columns listing the station acronym and location. An excerpt of the file is shown below.


A17P   Cape Canaveral, FL  

A36P   Cape Canaveral, FL  

A39P   False Cape, FL      

A40P   Cape Canaveral, FL  

A41P   Cape Canaveral, FL  

A46P   Cape Canaveral, FL  

AC2J   Ascension Island    

ACN3   Ascension Island    

ACNJ   Ascension Island    

ADRQ   Kourou, Fr.Guiana    

AG1S   Poker Flats, AK      

AG23   Santiago, Chile      

AG33   Santiago, Chile      

AGO3   Santiago, Chile      

ALAY   Alamo Peak, NM      

ALSJ   Alice Springs, N.T.

AMEY   N.E. Pacific Ocean  

AMSJ   Am Samoa, Tutuila    

AN3S   Antigua              

AN8S   Antigua              

ANPC   Anderson Peak, CA    

ANTQ   Antigua              

AREL   Arequipa, Peru      

AS2Q   Ascension Island




WT3P   S.Vandenberg AFB, CA

WT3S   Wallops Island, Va.  

WT6P   Vandenberg AFB, CA  

WTDQ   Wallops Island, Va.  

WTDS   Wallops Island, Va.  

WTRP   Vandenberg AFB, CA  

WULY   Vandenberg AFB, CA  

YARZ   Yarragedee, Aust Irw

ZZ2P   Zaragoza, Spain      

ZZAP   Zaragoza, Spain