Dongle Licensing

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Dongle licensing allows a user to install and use FreeFlyer on multiple computers with only one license. The dongle is a serialized device that connects to a USB or parallel port. When it is attached to a computer, the dongle, together with a matching license file, permit that computer to access FreeFlyer.


Perform the following steps to complete the installation and registration of FreeFlyer using the dongle. You must have administrative privileges in order to complete the installation process.


Note: The dongle licensing scheme is only available for Windows platforms.



To Install and Register a Dongle License

1.Send the FLEXid printed on your dongle to to obtain your license file.

2.Navigate to the following .zip archive and extract all files to a temporary location (such as the Desktop):


"Extras\Dongle Licensing\"


3.Open a command line prompt (cmd.exe) and execute the extracted haspdinst.exe file using the install switch (-i). For example,


Run the .EXE Using Command: "haspdinst.exe -i"


Note: The drivers will not install properly if you attempt to double click the .exe file. It must be installed through command line using the install switch (-i).


4.Add the following dll files from “Extras\Dongle Licensing\”:


Add haspsrm_win64.dll to C:\Windows\System32


5.Restart your computer.

6.Insert the dongle into a USB. If the dongle is installed properly, a light should appear on the dongle.

7.Launch FreeFlyer and navigate to Help » Licensing Options » Register New License and complete Step 2 by selecting your registration method:


Import License - Navigate to your license file.
-- or --

Type in License - Allows you to enter the license key manually. This is convenient for FreeFlyer registration in secure environments. To bring the license key into a secure environment, open the license file in a text editor and print it out, or retrieve the license key by phone.




8.Select "Register License File". Windows users will see a shield symbol on this button and may be prompted to enter credentials for an administrator account on the machine.

9.This will complete the installation and registration process. You can modify your license settings at any time using the Help à Licensing Options menu.



10.The Downgrade/Restore License Tier option allows you to select which tier of FreeFlyer functionality (Engineer or Mission) you would like to use, up to the maximum tier allowed by your license file. This allows users to experiment with the different tiers in order to determine what tier is required for their analysis, or to ensure that their Mission Plans will be compatible with other users that are required to use a lower tier. If your license file includes any Packs, you can enable or disable them here.



11.The View Current License option allows you to see the contents of the registered license file. You are able to copy the contents to the Windows Clipboard, or save the file contents to a text file.




Technical Support Contact Information

If you have any issues, please contact the FreeFlyer licensing team at or by phone at 301-306-1756 x2.