Docker Licensing

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If you are using FreeFlyer inside a Docker container, you will need to connect a network license. For information on configuring a network license server, see the Network Licensing Instructions. Note, license servers and node-locked licenses are prohibited within a container.


To Configure:

Once the license server is configured, follow the steps below to connect to the network license from a Docker container.


1. Install Docker on your Windows or Linux machine.


2. Create a Dockerfile, following the Installing FreeFlyer instructions for whichever operating system your Docker container will be running, to install FreeFlyer in your Docker container.


Note: Building a Dockerfile is optional but is recommended for easily rebuilding your Docker image.


3. Navigate to the directory where your Dockerfile is saved and run the build command.


docker build .


4. Create a container to run FreeFlyer in. In this example the container is named FreeFlyer and is being run in interactive mode.


docker run -it --name FreeFlyer <Successful Image from build>



5. Verify that the License Server is running:

Contact your System Administrator to verify that the Network License Server software is installed on the server and is running.

See Setting up a Network License Server.


6. Open a terminal window in your Docker container.


7. Using the server name and port specified by your System Administrator, use the register license server switch (-rls) to register the license server.


8. Use the report license information switch (-rli) to verify that the license was registered properly.




Technical Support Contact Information

If you have any issues, please contact the FreeFlyer licensing team at or by phone at 301-306-1756 x2.