Data Files

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The following data files are included with your FreeFlyer installation. These files provide data models for modeling planetary forces, gravitational and magnetic fields, and more. For more information on any of these files, follow the links below.


Daylight Savings Time File

Electron Density Coefficients File

Gravity Model Files

Leap Second Table

Magnetic Field Data File

Particle Flux Maps

Planetary Ephemerides

Political Border and Coastline Files

Solid Tides File

Star Catalog

Station Geodetics File

Station Locations File

Timing Corrections File

Atmospheric Density Model Files

oHarris-Priester Drag File

oJacchia-Roberts Drag File

oSchatten Solar Flux Files

oMSIS Model Files

oUser-Created Atmospheric Drag Files


The path to the FreeFlyer data files for Windows 7 is shown below. Replace "X.X.X.XXXXX" with the version of FreeFlyer you're using.


\Program Files\a.i. solutions, Inc\FreeFlyer X.X.X.XXXXX (64-Bit)\data\