STK Attitude History File

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The STK® Attitude History File (AHF) is an ephemeris-file format for use with Analytical Graphics Inc.’s Satellite Tool Kit®. This format can be used with FreeFlyer for input of Spacecraft attitude data. FreeFlyer can import the data and perform calculations on the attitude information.


You can configure a Spacecraft to use an AHF by specifying the file through the Spacecraft Object Editor on the Attitude page, or via FreeFlyer Script. When an AHF is used, FreeFlyer will set the initial attitude state by finding the attitude in the AHF that corresponds to the Spacecraft's existing epoch, or interpolate the data points to that epoch if necessary. The spacecraft’s orientation at any time will be then be interpolated from the states in the AHF.




The STK AHF is an ASCII file with the format defined by the STK Users Manual. STK is a registered trademark of Analytical Graphics, Incorporated. FreeFlyer currently only supports reading STK AHFs containing Euler Angle data.


Note: FreeFlyer does not currently support writing files in the STK AHF format.



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