DSN 60-Byte Observation File

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The DSN60ByteObservationFile object provides functionality for reading DSN data (range and range rate) from DSN 60-Byte Observation files. This is a GSFC internal 60-byte binary format. Each file of DSN 60-byte tracking data contains one or more header records and an associated batch of data records accompanying each header record – the header record containing information necessary for the accurate conversion of the raw data contained in the data records. The time system is UTC, and the range and range-rate data is reference frame independent.


The format for this data type is specified in the GSFC document "60-Byte Data Format Definition", Revision 2, May 1994.


For information on including a DSN 60-Byte Observation file in a Kalman Filter, Unscented Kalman Filter, or Batch Least Squares OD process, see Including Tracking Data in an Estimation Process.



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