Release Notes for FreeFlyer 6.6

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New Features in FreeFlyer 6.6

Orbit Determination Redesign

Multi-spacecraft Estimation

GPS Pseudorange processing

Additional File Types supported

oRINEX Observation files

oRINEX Navigation files

oBlackJack Point Solution files

Spacecraft-based Covariance Propagation

Observation Simulation

Increased performance (speed)

Increased flexibility

Improved documentation


Improved Environment/Force Modeling

MSIS Drag Models




International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) modeling




Output Enhancements

Command-Line movie generation

Save Plot/View images from FreeForm script

Dynamic 2D Map grid zooming

Ability to view Coordinate Systems in output views

Improvements to the Graphics Overlay

Auto-close workspaces


FreeForm Script Enhancements

Improvements to script parsing and auto-completion

Single-line array assignment: Array1 = {1, 0, 0};

Improved error messages

Addition of script aliases

New Switch statement for logic control

Ability to print FreeForm editors and Mission Sequence overview

New syntax error indication displays red wiggle lines on incorrect script syntax

Line modification coloring - indicates saved and unsaved lines

Multi-line comments using /* this syntax */


Help File Enhancements

New guides on:

oLists and Formations

oWorking with Objects

oOrbit Determination

New section on the Sample Mission Plans

New reference for script Functions

Expanded information on FreeFlyer data files


Sample Mission Plan Enhancements

60+ new samples!

Streamlined all existing samples

Reorganized directory structure

Clearer file and directory names

New documentation on all delivered samples


Debugger Enhancements

Added ability to run to cursor

Added conditional breakpoints


UserInterface Object Enhancements

New password entry option for string inputs

Improved range validation

Improved error messages


Miscellaneous Enhancements

Formation object now available in GUI - Create, View, Map, Step, ViewWindow

Email object now has username and password functionality

Reset command for Targeting loop

MatlabInterface updated for compatibility through release 2009b

StringArrays can now be passed to Matlab as a character matrix

Additional keyboard shortcuts

New web-based, administrative GUI License Server Manager, lmadmin (lmgrd is still available as well)

Ability to borrow from a network license using FreeFlyer user interface



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