Pseudorange Observations

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The Pseudorange Observation represents an observation of a GPS receiver from a spacecraft. The measurement types available for these observations are:


C1 (civilian access Pseudorange at the L1 frequency)

C2 (civilian access Pseudorange at the L2 frequency)

P1 (military Pseudorange at the L1 frequency)

P2 (military Pseudorange at the L2 frequency)

IonoFree - The derived iono-free pseudorange value computed as a function of the C1 and C2, or P1 and P2 measurements. This is only available if C1 and C2, or P1 and P2 are available.


When working with Pseudorange Observations, you have the option to enable Measurement Weighting, as well as the option to include the following corrections:


Ionospheric Correction

Light Time Correction (always on)


The ionospheric correction calculation relies on the FF_SolarSystem.IonosphereOptions.ScaleFactor property, which can be configured to scale the ionospheric correction values differently for simulating vs. processing.


The following tracking data formats supported by FreeFlyer can contain Pseudorange Observations:


RINEX Observation Files


For more information on creating simulated Pseudorange Observations, see the Simulating Tracking Data page.



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