ASCENDxLas Vegas
ASCENDxLas Vegas

ASCENDxLas Vegas

TBA October 24, 2022 - October 26, 2022

Ideas, insights, and opportunities accelerate at ASCEND

Powered by AIAA, 2022 ASCEND will feature visionary speakers, inspiring sessions, and a community spirit that welcomes everyone who loves space. Sign up now for events, activities, special offers, and updates throughout the year. Look for the 2022 ASCEND Call for Content to launch in January 2022.

ASCEND welcomes the worldwide, interdisciplinary community of students, professionals, and serious enthusiasts — from classrooms through careers — who are actively pursuing their technical, scientific, and engineering interests in space. This includes “endemic” aeronautic and astronautic sectors traditionally served by AIAA and “adjacent” sectors that see space as a new place to build, work, and live.

  • ASCEND attracts the leaders, innovators and influencers you need to know, and who need to know you.
  • From one-off widgets to wholly integrated systems, big ideas bring us together.
  • It’s the discipline in our DNA. It’s how we solve problems, building confidence every step of the way.
  • We’re active advocates for laws, legislation, and regulations that encourage innovation and eliminate barriers to progress.
  • It’s sustainable. It’s renewable. It fuels us!

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What is ASCEND?

Powered by AIAA, ASCEND promotes the collaborative, interdisciplinary, outcomes-driven community of professionals, students, and serious enthusiasts around the world who are accelerating humanity’s progress toward our off-world future! From classrooms through careers, ASCEND is assembling the most technically, professionally, and culturally diverse space workforce pipeline on the planet.

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