NASA Selects a.i. solutions for $95M Flight Dynamics Support Services (FDSS) Contract

September 25, 2009

Lanham, MD – Lanham, MD based, a.i. solutions, announced today that it has been selected as the prime contractor for the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) Flight Dynamics Support Services (FDSS) contract. FDSS is a 5 year contract valued at $95 million. Under FDSS, a.i. solutions and its subcontractors, Honeywell Technology Services, Inc. (HTSI), Emergent Space Technologies, Thinking Systems and KinetX, will provide flight dynamics software and services for Goddard supported missions. a.i. solutions will also be responsible for operating the GSFC Flight Dynamics Facility (FDF) – a multi-mission spacecraft operations facility which provides routine and critical operations for expendable launch vehicles, manned spaceflight, and spacecraft payload missions.

“Goddard plays such a pivotal role in supporting all of the nation’s space programs,” said a.i. solutions President and CEO, Robert Sperling. “We are excited about partnering with GSFC to tackle the challenges ahead.”

a.i. solutions will provide requirements definition, planning and operations in spacecraft navigation, trajectory control, mission design, attitude determination, attitude dynamics and attitude control for missions operating in low earth, geosynchronous, libration point, lunar and interplanetary orbit regimes. They will also provide network services, operational facility reengineering, and new technologies development in the areas of navigation, trajectory design and flight dynamics automation.

About a.i. solutions
Founded in 1996, a.i. solutions is a small business provider of innovative mission critical infrastructure that enables uninterrupted and reliable access to space. a.i. solutions’ products and services span spacecraft operations, satellite ground systems, missile systems and launch vehicles in support of United States space and defense agencies. a.i. solutions has supported the design, development and operations of more than 200 space missions and is the creator of the commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) space mission analysis software, FreeFlyer®.

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