FreeFlyer® 7.2 New Features

December 13, 2016



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The FreeFlyer Team at a.i. solutions is proud to announce the release of the newest version of our software, FreeFlyer 7.2. This is a major release, with numerous new features and enhancements. Here’s the full list of what’s new in this release!

Spacecraft Propagation

  • Added the WhileStepping loop syntax
    • Behaves similarly to stepping a Spacecraft object to a condition
    • Designed to allow a user to execute lines of FreeFlyer script at every internal step along the way to meeting the condition


  • Added the WhileManeuvering loop syntax
    • Maneuvers a Spacecraft object with a FiniteBurn, ImpulsiveBurn, or OutgassingEvent object similar to the Maneuver command
    • Allows a user to execute lines of FreeFlyer script at every internal step of the Maneuver
  • Added support for a new FiniteBurn steering mode, linear tangent steering

Command Line Reference

  • A new switch, –generate-license-log, has been added to FF.exe and FreeFlyer.exe to provide advanced licensing details for debugging
  • Users can now utilize the new –check-syntax-mission-plan or –check-syntax-mission-plan-list with FF.exe to syntax check a Mission Plan from the command line

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Support for reversing the X-axis and Y-axis of a PlotWindow has been added
  • The ability to reconnect scripting automation for a ViewWindow has been included in the ViewWindow context menu
  • Jacchia-Roberts and MSIS drag models now share data files among Spacecraft objects, removing limits for how many Spacecraft configured to use these drag formats are allowed
  • An assortment of other bug fixes and minor enhancements were made
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