a.i. solutions Announces Partnership Extension with SOLETOP To Deliver Turnkey Solutions into Southeast Asia

March 2, 2021

a.i. solutions (ai-solutions.com), a privately-held United States (US) based company providing flight dynamics services for 25 years and creators of FreeFlyer®, a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) astrodynamics software used for commercial, civil, military, and academic space missions in 34 countries, and SOLETOP (soletop.com), a world-class satellite technology leader from South Korea that pioneered a number of core technologies used for satellite controls and monitoring, automation, telemetry processing, and image processing, today announced an extension to a partnership agreement to support space mission design, analysis, and operations in Southeast Asia.

As an established business for 26 years, SOLETOP’s expertise includes small satellites, image processing, UAV, and various other satellite technologies. SOLETOP has more than 200 national and international projects with about 100 employees working in various domains. a.i. solutions and SOLETOP have enjoyed a strong partnership for exploring opportunities with FreeFlyer and other fields of engineering for two years.

“The partnership with SOLETOP, a well-established and respected aerospace engineering company, has made it much easier for new customers to use our software products,” said Paul Noonan, Vice President of Mission Engineering and Technology at a.i. solutions. “We look forward to building on our shared successes and strengthening this relationship, delivering the best possible flight dynamics products and services to the region.”


SOLETOP Small Satellite Control and Monitoring


FreeFlyer Constellation Mission Design

a.i. solutions has supported the design, development, and operations of more than 225 space missions including NASA TDRS, NOAA GOES, and multiple US Department of Defense missions. Our full lifecycle FDS support is comprised of commercially available FreeFlyer and Meridian software applications and expert integration support. SOLETOP will continue to leverage its core capabilities alongside a.i. solutions’ software applications and space mission engineering services to guarantee mission success.

“a.i. solutions has been such a great partner to take journeys in highly competitive marketplaces. Their technical competitiveness and respective integrity in doing business has been a unique model for our success,” said Hyong Ossi, SOLETOP Vice President. “The journey has been splendid so far and [we] expect the same for upcoming years as well with many exciting projects aligned and great ideas envisioned.”

FreeFlyer is a mature software solution providing complete astrodynamics functionality with customizable interfaces, native scripting language, flexible visualization, and cross-platform use to support the entire space mission lifecycle. It is the primary flight dynamics and collision avoidance software for the International Space Station (ISS) and has a U.S. government recognized Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 9.

Meridian provides the flight dynamics component for ground system operations. It can support multiple spacecraft with a modern user interface and interfaces to other ground system components. Meridian’s architecture and functionality are based on a.i. solutions’ decades of experience developing flight dynamics components for commercial, civilian, and military ground systems. FreeFlyer provides the underlying astrodynamics calculation engine for Meridian, with its validated algorithms and long history of operational satellite mission support.

Meridian Ground Systems

Meridian Ground Systems Orbit Propagation



SOLETOP provides a variety of services for customers to perform convenient satellite control and reception. SOLETOP has participated in the design and development of the control systems for operations of low-orbit satellites and geostationary satellites and of test systems required for assessing multi-purpose satellite series, geostationary satellites, and tower bodies. Additionally, SOLETOP is developing an EGSE system that supports testing and development of cube satellites. SOLETOP also develops weather observation systems and high-spec Raman radar, as well as develops, sells, and provides collected data for systems that receive and utilize satellite imagery.

For additional information, please visit soletop.com.

About a.i. solutions


Founded in 1996, a.i. solutions is a provider of innovative mission-critical products and services used to enable uninterrupted and reliable access to space. a.i. solutions’ products and services span satellite ground system development and sustainment; satellite systems engineering and pre-mission analysis; systems integration and data assimilation; space operations, modeling, and simulation; IT infrastructure; and missile systems and launch vehicle. a.i. solutions has been successfully appraised against the CMMI-Dev model at a Maturity Level 3 and is ISO 9001:2015/AS9100 Rev. D certified.

For additional information, please visit ai-solutions.com and @ai_sol on Twitter.

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