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FreeFlyer® Software is a leading application in the Space Industry for space mission design, analysis and operations, and best of all... it's FREE for University Students!

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  • FreeFlyer is used to help command and control the the ISS, TDRS, Landsat, USAF/DOD satellites, and many other space missions around the world.
  • FreeFlyer is a state-of-the-art tool with a long flight heritage that will save time and enhance performance.
  • FreeFlyer provides complete astrodynamics functionality with customizable interfaces, a user-friendly scripting language, and cross-platform execution.
  • FreeFlyer has the most in-depth, capable, flexible visualization capability of any orbit mechanics software on the market.
  • Students can get the same version of the software used for professional analysis FOR FREE.
  • We hire FreeFlyer interns every year!

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