Release Notes for FreeFlyer 7.4.1

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Issues Addressed in FreeFlyer 7.4.1


Significantly improved the performance of FreeFlyer while executing Mission Plans

oFor a representative set of test Mission Plans spanning the breadth of FreeFlyer's capabilities comparing FreeFlyer 7.4.1 to FreeFlyer 7.3.1...

...25% were at least 10% faster without graphics

...67% were at least 5% faster without graphics

...40% were at least 10% faster with graphics

...66% were at least 5% faster with graphics

Significantly reduced the overhead time required to start and clean up FreeFlyer for both console and GUI applications

oOverhead tests performed comparing FreeFlyer 7.4.1 to FreeFlyer 7.3.1...

...on FF.exe without visualizations now benchmark at least 70% faster

...on FF.exe with visualizations now benchmark at least 25% faster

...on FreeFlyer.exe now benchmark at least 15% faster

Corrected an issue with the "Lock to Refresh Rate" user preference that always acted as though it was enabled, lowering performance for output visualization

Updated the object presets provided with FreeFlyer to load more quickly


Behavior Improvements

Objects created in the object browser are now available in autocomplete drop-down menus in Externals

Top-level objects, Structs, and Procedures declared in Externals will now be available in the autocomplete drop-down menus in the main Mission Plan scope

Algorithms used to compute Kp and Ap, used in the atmospheric density calculations for Jacchia Roberts drag modeling, have had their accuracy improved

Changed the behavior of the For loop in the case where the end value is smaller than the start value and no step increment is provided to always assume a step increment of 1

oThis behavior change causes loops defined in this way to immediately exit whereas they would step backwards with a decrement of 1 in FreeFlyer 7.4.0

oAs an example, this change would affect the following For loop behavior:

For i = 0 to -1;

 // This loop will now never be entered!


The FreeFlyer installer will now prompt users to install the .NET 4.7.2 framework if required


Error Cases

Fixed an issue that crashed FreeFlyer on initialization for users with older graphics cards that don't support certain GPU capabilities

Fixed an issue where PlotWindow.SavePlotData was not writing the full time stamp for an epoch on the x-axis of the plot

Fixed an issue that was causing Maneuver reports generated via the Maneuver command to append to the output file instead of overwriting the file as expected

Fixed an issue causing the orbit determination ionospheric correction factor to be incorrect when the height of ray path was less than zero based on the spherical Earth

Fixed an issue that prevented object-level properties and methods from displaying in the autocomplete drop-down list for Structs

Fixed an issue in the error messaging with Structs to more effectively communicate the nature of the issue on a Struct assignment error

Fixed an issue resulting in RuntimeApiException messages being empty in the Python interface to the runtime API

Fixed an issue that rarely could result in a crash on start-up due to a licensing race condition

Fixed an issue so that PointGroup objects defined in the object browser will now have the correct default PointGroup.PointDefinition value

Fixed an issue that made FreeFlyer unresponsive when an initialized Matrix object calls the FillRandom method with invalid arguments

Fixed an issue which crashed FreeFlyer if the object browser was made completely empty with a combination of removing and hiding objects

Fixed an issue with the All Output Properties button in the PlotWindow object dialog that prevented it from opening

Fixed an issue present in the "--convert" console command to now properly update the FreeFlyer version in the Mission Plan's XML

Fixed an issue in the FiniteBurnODProperties.EstimatedThrust property where the property showed its reported units incorrectly

Fixed an issue that prevented selecting multiple cells within a DataTableWindow at once

Fixed an issue that blocked arrow keys from navigating between cells in a DataTableWindow


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