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Execution of FreeFlyer from the command line allows for quick, successive running of multiple Mission Plans useful in high performance computing. There are two options available for running FreeFlyer from the command line: FF.exe and FreeFlyer.exe. FreeFlyer.exe allows execution of FreeFlyer from the command line while showing the FreeFlyer user interface.  Both executables can be run from the command prompt or called from external programs or batch files. Using a batch file, a user can repeat the same runs many times for automated product generation, and automated regression testing. For improved processing speeds, FreeFlyer can be run from the command line without the use of the FreeFlyer user interface (see FF.exe for more information on this option).


The FreeFlyer.exe executable is supported only in Windows and is called from the command line using one of two commands: FreeFlyer.exe or FreeFlyer. There are numerous switches that can be used with the FreeFlyer.exe commands. Switches follow the command name (FreeFlyer or FreeFlyer.exe) on the command line and tell FreeFlyer.exe what operation the user wishes to perform. For example, the Run switch will open the FreeFlyer user interface and run the Mission Plan specified by the Mission Plan switch upon opening:


FreeFlyer -mp <PATH TO FILE> -r

FreeFlyer.exe -mp <PATH TO FILE> -r


The switches may be listed in any order and specified using their full name or abbreviation. Information on the switches available for use with FreeFlyer.exe can be found by following the links in the list below.


FreeFlyer.exe switches

Bitmap Movie Framerate

Bitmap Movie Options File

Bitmap Movie Output Path

Bitmap Movie Resolution

Bitmap Movie Save Log

Bitmap Movie Window

Create Bitmap Movies

Debug Errors

Delete Configuration Files

Disable Splash Screen

Downgrade License

Export Homescreen

Export Profile

FreeFlyer Exit

Generate License Log

Get Security Groups


Hide Deprecation Warning Messages

Hide Main Output Window

Hide Warning Messages

Import Homescreen

Import Profile

List Default IDE Mode

List Group Overrides

List IDE Mode

Mission Plan

Mission Plan List

Mission Plan List Loop

Namelist Input

Namelist Output


Remove Group Override

Replay Support


Set Default IDE Mode

Set File Association

Set Group Override

Stop Mission Plan List On Error

Stop Mission Plan List On Stop Click

Use IDE Mode

Use Software Rendering

Use UI Defaults

User Info


For more information on creating FreeFlyer movies from the command line, please see the Command Line section of the Generating Movies Guide.