Tracking Data

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When working with FreeFlyer's Orbit Determination system, there are several types of tracking data that can be used. These are shown in the table below, along with the corresponding file types that can be read natively by FreeFlyer:


Observation Type

Native File Formats

BRTS Observations


Ground Station Observations

FF Ground Observation File


DSN Observations

DSN 60-Byte Observation File

TRK-2-34 File

Point Solution Observations

BlackJack Point Solution File

GPS Pivot Point Solution File

Pseudorange Observations

Rinex Observation File

Spacecraft Observations

Spacecraft Observation File

TDRS Observations



If you have access to any of these observation types in a file format not listed above, you can use FreeFlyer script to parse the data.


We will discuss the following topics related to tracking data:


Observations and Measurements

Tracking Data File Formats

Simulating Tracking Data

Generating Tracking Data Files

Using the Tracking Data Editor


For information on using tracking data, see the Including Tracking Data in an Estimation Process page.