TRK-2-34 File

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The Trk234File object provides functionality for reading DSN data from binary files written in the TRK-2-34 format. FreeFlyer extracts sequential range data (SRA), Total Count Phase (TCP) data, and frequency ramping data. FreeFlyer internally converts the ambiguous sequential range data (in Range Units) to DSNObservation.Range measurements (in km) and Total Count Phase (in counts) to DSNObservation.RangeRate measurements (in km/s) using the frequency ramp tables.


The format for this data type is specified in the JPL document "TRK-2-34 DSN Tracking System Data Archival Format", Revision O, October 2015.


For information on including a TRK-2-34 file in a Kalman Filter, Unscented Kalman Filter, or Batch Least Squares OD process, see Including Tracking Data in an Estimation Process.



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