Release Notes for FreeFlyer 6.8.1

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Issues Addressed in FreeFlyer 6.8.1

Propagation and Modeling

Fixed issue propagating backwards using EpochText

Fixed issue converting an epoch to a non-TAI time frame using EpochFormat

Fixed issue rounding greater than 999 milliseconds

Ephemeris/Spacecraft Central Body synchronization fixed

Reporting a single vector to a SP3EphemerisFile is fixed

Fixed issue loading ephemeris file in a specific way

Fixed issue defining GroundStation Objects from Station Geodetics File



Fixed issue reporting an empty string to the ConsoleWindow

Fixed issue with SetWindowVisibility when using the OutputLayoutManager

Now dynamically allocating memory for plot points

Fixed shading for multiple triangles using a single GraphicsOverlay shape

Fixed issue displaying GroundStation Objects



Improved error message when FreeFlyer cannot find Matlab

Fixed issue previewing a multi-choice UserInterface before creating choices


Orbit Determination

Fixed issue applying Spacecraft Observation Measurement Noise to the Expected Residuals



Added description to the Daylight Savings Time data file

Improved error message when the covariance matrix is too large for the ProbablityOfCollision method

Fixed issue selecting ‘Reverting to System Defaults’ under User Preferences



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