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The GroundVehicle object can be added to a Mission Plan to model non-orbital vehicles within FreeFlyer, and it inherits multiple properties and methods from the Spacecraft object to provide similar analysis capabilities. The intent of the object is to provide the ability to model any number or type of moving ground objects such as cars, vans, trucks, and tanks. Aerial objects, such as drones, can be modeled as well at a specified height above the ground or Terrain. Sensors can be attached to a GroundVehicle to assist in field-of-view analysis or to be used alongside VisibilitySegment objects for line-of-sight calculations. One of the biggest attractions of the GroundVehicle object, however, is its integration with the Terrain object to perform contact evaluations among any number of objects, including GroundStation objects, factoring in the height of the local terrain.


The following Sample Mission Plans (included with your FreeFlyer installation) demonstrate the use of the GroundVehicle object:


Coverage and Contact Samples



GroundVehicle Objects modeled as a Van and a Drone

GroundVehicle Objects modeled as a Van and a Drone



Table of Contents

See the pages listed below for more information on the GroundVehicle and other related topics.


The GroundVehicle Object

GroundVehicle Propagators

GroundVehicle Subsystems

GroundVehicle Visualization

GroundVehicle Attitude

oGroundVehicle Attitude Systems

oGroundVehicle Attitude Reference Frames