Terrain Modeling

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FreeFlyer supports terrain file ingestion, analysis, reporting, and visualization capabilities to aid in ground-based analyses interacting with critical space or air assets. The Terrain object is specifically designed to function without calling back to a server application and intelligently indexes data files so that real-time processing is as fast as possible. Beyond that, a number of industry-standard file formats are supported for use with FreeFlyer's terrain capability, and the object integrates directly with GroundVehicle objects to support work focused on ground-based assets that need to interact with terrain.


There are a variety of Sample Mission Plans (included with your FreeFlyer installation) that demonstrate various applications of these topics. Continue to the Terrain Samples page to view descriptions and images of these examples.



Table of Contents

See the pages listed below for more information on the Terrain object and other related topics.


Working with Terrain

Terrain Index Generator

Terrain Data Files