Release Notes for FreeFlyer 7.1.1

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Issues Addressed in FreeFlyer 7.1.1


Addressed an issue where certain Ephemeris sizes could cause the Ephemeris object to have invalid data stored for some vectors

Fixed an issue where mapping a time-based column to a FreeFlyer v2 or v3 Ephemeris and then using the Put command with that Ephemeris would cause an error

Corrected an issue where there was no time-checking for the EphemerisVector object's GetTimeSpanValue method


Application Program Interface

Fixed a bug where the runtime API would not initialize if the Windows event log lacked a specific boot time event

Implemented a fix for an issue preventing the reuse of a runtime API engine after cleaning it up when generating output windows

The runtime API's language reference files had their version updated


Generating Output

Optimized performance for ViewWindow object output windows

Improved performance of the computations associated with ThreeDModel objects

When using ThreeDModel objects, calling the AddGroup method prior to the LoadModel method will no longer throw a runtime error

For a Star Map Viewpoint, it will now use a Spacecraft from the ViewWindow constructor as the base object where applicable

Fixed a crash that occurred when using the Star Map Viewpoint with a Sensor object inside of the orbiting CelestialObject

Fixed a crash that occurred when using the graphics card after closing all Workspaces

Fixed a crash that occurred when closing a ViewWindow with a GraphicsOverlay in it



Azimuth and Elevation Sensor masks now correctly filter out duplicate points and will load correctly if they contain duplicate points

The VisibilitySegment object will now properly use linear fit for its line of sight calculations when the source is a sensor set to use linear fit



Addressed a number of cases where FreeFlyer was showing unexpected memory growth for repeated runs of a Mission Plan

Fixed a crash that occurred when clicking the "Stop Script" button on the UserInterface object preview in its object dialog

The Jacchia-Roberts file will now be shared among Spacecraft instead of reloaded for each Spacecraft, meaning that large Formations of Spacecraft using this drag model will work as expected

The TimeSpanArray declaration syntax whereby you specify the size of the array inside of square brackets will now syntax check as expected

Covariance calculations no longer break down when there is a long-duration FiniteBurn present in the orbit determination algorithms

Corrected a case where bad AVI codecs could cause FreeFlyer to crash when attempting to generate a movie

Some cases where Array and Matrix properties wouldn't show up in GUI editors have been fixed

FreeFlyer will now run properly on the System account even without a My Documents folder



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