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The star map Viewpoint type enables users to set up an output window to display the desired objects against a star chart backdrop. This type of Viewpoint allows you to set a specific Spacecraft as the reference object for the star chart, specify the center point of the chart in right ascension and declination, and set up the map width and height in degrees. The following is a list of the configurable options for a star map Viewpoint.


Reference Objects



Map width and height

Map center point, in right ascension and declination coordinates

Display settings for the right ascension / declination grid


Sample StarMap viewpoint in FreeFlyer

Sample StarMap viewpoint in FreeFlyer


The script example below shows how to create a custom Star Map Viewpoint centered on 100 degrees right ascension, 5 degrees declination, and add it to a ViewWindow. We are also showing how to turn on right ascension and declination grid lines, set the label locations, and adjust the label font.


// Create Star Map Viewpoint

Viewpoint StarMapViewpoint;

Spacecraft Spacecraft1;

StarMapViewpoint.ViewpointType                     = "starmap";

StarMapViewpoint.ViewpointName                     = "Star Map View";

StarMapViewpoint.StarMapView.ReferenceObject       = Spacecraft1.ObjectId;

StarMapViewpoint.StarMapView.CenterRightAscension  = 100;

StarMapViewpoint.StarMapView.CenterDeclination     = 5;

StarMapViewpoint.StarMapView.Width                 = 300;

StarMapViewpoint.StarMapView.Height                = 90;


StarMapViewpoint.StarMapView.DeclinationGridLabelLocation     = 1;

StarMapViewpoint.StarMapView.RightAscensionGridLabelLocation  = 1;

StarMapViewpoint.StarMapView.DeclinationGridLabelFont.Bold    = 1;

StarMapViewpoint.StarMapView.RightAscensionGridLabelFont.Bold = 1;


//Add Viewpoint to a ViewWindow and activate it

ViewWindow myView({Spacecraft1});



Update myView;



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