Release Notes for FreeFlyer 7.0.1

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Issues Addressed in FreeFlyer 7.0.1


Addressed a circumstantial issue where ViewWindow objects would fail to render certain parts of 3D models

Corrected an issue where PointGroup objects could display incorrectly in views

An issue where the orbit preview in the Spacecraft object dialog would fail to display was fixed

Improved the ViewWindow.AddObject method behavior when used with Lists and Formations

A vector intersection error with extremely high-magnitude vectors was corrected

Enhanced the visualization architecture for Latitude and Longitude labels on 2D maps

Fixed visualization related crashes


Application Program Interface

Fixed an issue where the Java wrapper for the API were built with a higher version of JRE than intended

Corrected a problem where the Java API wrapper would think the library is loaded when the load actually failed

An issue where some C# API examples were not working correctly was addressed


Orbit Determination

Improved the quality of post update residuals in the NoradStateEstimator

Properly hooked up PositionProcessAction and VelocityProcessAction properties

A scenario where the NoradStateEstimator used the wrong a priori state has been corrected

Fallback conversion for Cartesian to Norad conversion when it would previously fail is now implemented

Corrected a bug in copying a Spacecraft state after partial state estimation

Improved BatchLeastSquares stability when performing matrix math



Improved ForceModel performance under certain circumstances

Addressed an issue in Dynamic License Allocation (DLA) where the mutex file could unexpectedly grow

Corrected a bug that caused some legacy Mission Plans to fail to load

Fixed the Go To Help File functionality for Lists



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