Release Notes for FreeFlyer 6.10.1

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Issues Addressed in FreeFlyer 6.10.1


GridCells no longer accept oversized values for row and column spans

Fixed an issue with GridWindows declared in the object browser


FreeFlyer License Handling

Optimized handling of network licenses

FreeFlyer initialization times have been improved when using licenses borrowed from a server

Dongle licenses no longer display redundant error messages when the dongle is removed

Issues with reconnecting to a license after disconnecting from it have been resolved



Resolved assorted issues with registered externals

Fixed issues present in the way FreeFlyer ingested BRTS UTDF files

Improved the stability of the CardinalPoints interval method for certain orbital regimes

The VisibilityCalculator object now uses polar interpolation for mask interpolation by default

Interval events now reset properly in all nested For loop configurations

Improved memory management for the UKF


Required User Actions

Dongle license users will need to follow the instructions in the dongle licensing guide to update their haspsrm DLL's and dongle drivers due to an update in the licensing utilities



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