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The GridWindow object allows the user to configure and display a group of strings and/or variables in a grid format with a user-defined number of rows and columns.


A GridWindow has three other objects associated with it:


A GridCell object is used to hold strings and/or variables to display within a GridWindow.

The GridWindow contains a matrix of GridCell objects.


The GridCellGroup object is a collection of GridCell objects within a GridWindow.


The GridFont object is a container to hold font-related properties within a GridCell.

Currently GridWindows can only be edited through FreeForm script. There is no object editor for a GridWindow.

The number of rows and columns in a GridWindow, as well as the contents of each cell, can be changed dynamically.

The GridWindow is very customizable with control over the font typeface, size, color, and alignment of each cell.



GridWindow Script Examples

Creating a GridWindow

The script examples below show how to create a GridWindow.


// Create a GridWindow


GridWindow gw;


// --or--


GridWindow gw(numberOfRows, numberOfColumns);


Setting Cell Values

The script below shows how to populate GridCells with strings and variables.


// Add a Value to the GridWindow


Spacecraft sc;

GridWindow gw;



gw.NumberOfRows    = 1;

gw.NumberOfColumns = 2;


While (sc.ElapsedTime.ToDays() < 1);

    Step sc;






Setting Color Rules

The script example below shows how to use the color rules of a GridCell.


// Create the objects

Spacecraft sc;

sc.Propagator.StepSize = TIMESPAN(10 seconds);


GridWindow gw;



gw.NumberOfRows    = 1;

gw.NumberOfColumns = 1;


// Initialize the GridCell value

gw.GetCell(0, 0).SetValue(sc.ElapsedTime.ToDays());


// Color-code the text so that it is green if the value is less than 0.25,

// orange between 0.25 and 0.75, and red if the value is more than 0.75.

// Note that the color array is 1 element longer than the range array.

gw.GetCell(0, 0).SetTextColorRules({0.25, 0.75}, {ColorTools.Green, ColorTools.Orange, ColorTools.Red});


While (sc.ElapsedTime.ToDays() < 1);


    Step sc;


    // This cell will be orange after 0.25 days and Red after 0.75 days

    gw.GetCell(0, 0).SetValue(sc.ElapsedTime.ToDays());





Viewing a Matrix with a GridWindow

The script example below shows how a Matrix object can easily be added to a GridWindow, first cell-by-cell, and then all at once using a GridCellGroup.


// Add a Matrix to the GridWindow


Matrix m = [1, 2; 3, 5];

GridWindow gw;



gw.NumberOfRows    = m.RowCount;

gw.NumberOfColumns = m.ColumnCount;


gw.GetCellGroup(0, 1, 0, 1).SetValue(m);



Setting Decimal Alignment

The script example below shows how decimal alignment can be set using the SetValue method.


// Using Decimal Alignment


Matrix m = [1; 2; 3; 4; 5];

GridWindow gw;



gw.NumberOfRows    = m.RowCount;    

gw.NumberOfColumns = m.ColumnCount; 


gw.GetColumn(0).AlignmentHorizontal = "Right";

gw.GetColumn(0).Font.Typeface = "Lucida Console";

gw.GetColumn(0).SetValue(m, 1); // The "1" indicates the number of decimal places that will be displayed


// This data will now show as decimal-aligned with a precision of 1 decimal place



Using ColumnSpan and RowSpan

The script example below shows how the ColumnSpan and RowSpan methods are used to combine GridCells.


// Using ColumnSpan and RowSpan


GridWindow gw(3,4);



gw.GetCell(0,0).ColumnSpan = 4;



gw.GetCell(1,0).RowSpan = 2;



gw.GetCell(1,1).ColumnSpan = 3;

gw.GetCell(1,1).RowSpan = 2;





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