FreeFlyer Scripting

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This section covers the syntax and many useful features in FreeFlyer's scripting language.


There are a variety of Sample Mission Plans (included with your FreeFlyer installation) that demonstrate various applications of these topics. Continue to the FreeFlyer Scripting Samples page to view descriptions and images of these examples.



Table of Contents

See the pages listed below for more information on the FreeFlyer scripting language and its usage.


Working with Objects

Syntax and the FreeForm Script Editor

Script Operators

Matrix, Array, and Variable Math

Flow Control



Error Diagnostics

Mathematical and Physical Constants

Vectors and Coordinate Systems

Using Procedures

Using Macros

Using the Debugger

Script Aliases


Parsing Arbitrary String Data

Parsing Dates and Times

Properties and Methods with a State

Script Elements

oProvides details on the syntax and usage for every command and flow control statement in the FreeFlyer scripting language