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The WhileManeuvering command allows the user to execute arbitrary FreeFlyer script while maneuvering a Spacecraft. The WhileManeuvering command will execute the code inside the loop at every internal step of the Spacecraft Propagator. The Spacecraft propagator step size can be used to control the frequency that the script inside a WhileManeuvering command is executed.


The WhileManeuvering command may be used with any maneuver object, including the FiniteBurn, ImpulsiveBurn, and OutgassingEvent. However, for instantaneously applied burns (ImpulsiveBurns and OutgassingEvents), the code inside the WhileManeuvering loop will never execute.


This command behaves very similarly to the Maneuver command, but allows the user to execute additional script during the maneuver.




// Maneuver the Spacecraft with an ImpulsiveBurn

WhileManeuvering mySpacecraft using myImpulsiveBurn;

      // Nothing in here is executed for instantaneous burns



// Maneuver the Spacecraft with an OutgassingEvent

WhileManeuvering mySpacecraft using myOutgassingEvent;

      // Nothing in here is executed for instantaneous burns



// Maneuver the Spacecraft with a FiniteBurn while generating a burn report

WhileManeuvering mySpacecraft using myFiniteBurn generating "myFiniteBurnFile.txt";

      Put mySpacecraft to myEphemeris;

      View mySpacecraft;





An ImpulsiveBurn, FiniteBurn, or OutgassingEvent must be used with the WhileManeuvering command.

If you do not need to execute FreeFlyer script at every internal step of a maneuver, consider using the Maneuver command instead for simplicity. This is also true if you are using burns that apply instantaneously, because the WhileManeuvering syntax does not provide any additional functionality for instantaneous burns.

The propagator's StepSize property for the maneuvered Spacecraft is cached at the beginning of a WhileManeuvering loop, and changing it within the loop itself will have no effect on integration steps over the performed maneuver.



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