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The sensor view Viewpoint type allows users to configure an output window displaying the desired objects in a view looking down the boresight of a Sensor attached to a Spacecraft, with an optional offset angle. The following is a list of the configurable options for a sensor view.


Reference Object

Field of View

Boresight Azimuth

Boresight Co-Elevation


Sample Sensor viewpoint in FreeFlyer

Sample Sensor viewpoint in FreeFlyer


The script example below shows how to create a Sensor Viewpoint aligned along the boresight of a Sensor attached to Spacecraft1, and add it to a ViewWindow.


// Create Sensor Viewpoint

Viewpoint SensorViewpoint;

SensorViewpoint.ViewpointType          = "sensorview";

SensorViewpoint.ViewpointName          = "Sensor View";

SensorViewpoint.SensorView.Source      = Spacecraft1.Sensors[0].ObjectId;

SensorViewpoint.SensorView.Azimuth     = 0;

SensorViewpoint.SensorView.CoElevation = 0;

SensorViewpoint.SensorView.FieldOfView = 60;


// Add Viewpoint to a ViewWindow and activate it

ViewWindow ViewWindow1({Spacecraft1});



Update ViewWindow1;



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