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The blockage diagram view Viewpoint type allows the user to visualize a blockage diagram (represented in FreeFlyer using a BlockageDiagram object). It allows the user to modify the view of the blockage diagram and verify whether or not there is contact between the calling Spacecraft and the object of interest. The following is a list of the configurable options for a blockage diagram Viewpoint.




Show Overlay Text


Use Center Defaults

Look Angle 1 Center

Look Angle 2 Center


Sample BlockageDiagram viewpoint in FreeFlyer

Sample BlockageDiagram viewpoint in FreeFlyer


The script example below shows how to create a custom Blockage Diagram Viewpoint aligned with the center of a BlockageDiagram attached to Spacecraft1, and add it to a ViewWindow.


// Create Blockage Diagram Viewpoint

Viewpoint BlockageViewpoint;

BlockageViewpoint.ViewpointType                  = "blockageview";

BlockageViewpoint.ViewpointName                  = "Blockage Diagram";

BlockageViewpoint.BlockageView.Source            = Spacecraft1.ObjectId;

BlockageViewpoint.BlockageView.Diagram           = BlockageDiagram1.ObjectId;

BlockageViewpoint.BlockageView.ShowOverlayText   = 1;

BlockageViewpoint.BlockageView.KeepAspectRatio   = 1;

BlockageViewpoint.BlockageView.UseCenterDefaults = 1;


// Add Viewpoint to a ViewWindow and activate it

ViewWindow ViewWindow1({Spacecraft1, BlockageDiagram1});



Update ViewWindow1;



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