Celestial Sphere

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The celestial sphere Viewpoint type allows users to configure an output window displaying the desired objects in a celestial sphere view focused on the desired object. The following is a list of the configurable options for a celestial sphere Viewpoint.


Reference Frame

Reference Object

Right Ascension



Field of View


Sample CelestialSphere viewpoint in FreeFlyer

Sample CelestialSphere viewpoint in FreeFlyer


The script example below shows how to create a custom Celestial Sphere Viewpoint focused on the Sun, and add it to a ViewWindow.


// Create Celestial Sphere Viewpoint

Viewpoint CelestialViewpoint;

CelestialViewpoint.ViewpointType                      = "celestialsphere";

CelestialViewpoint.ViewpointName                      = "Celestial Sphere";

CelestialViewpoint.CelestialSphereView.ReferenceFrame = "inertial";

CelestialViewpoint.CelestialSphereView.Target         = Sun.ObjectId;

CelestialViewpoint.CelestialSphereView.RightAscension = 15;

CelestialViewpoint.CelestialSphereView.Declination    = 30;

CelestialViewpoint.CelestialSphereView.FieldOfView    = 45;

CelestialViewpoint.CelestialSphereView.Radius         = 5e7;


// Add Viewpoint to a ViewWindow and activate it

ViewWindow ViewWindow1({Spacecraft1});



Update ViewWindow1;



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