Interplanetary Analysis

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FreeFlyer includes many features for interplanetary mission design and analysis. You can use Vectors and Coordinate Systems to define non-Earth-centered reference frames, you can define custom Celestial Objects and specify them as the central body for a Spacecraft or include their effects in the Spacecraft Force Model, and you can modify various properties of FreeFlyer's solar system model.


There are a variety of Sample Mission Plans (included with your FreeFlyer installation) that demonstrate various applications of these topics. Continue to the Interplanetary Samples page to view descriptions and images of these examples.



Table of Contents

To continue learning about interplanetary analysis, read the following guides.


Spacecraft, GroundStation, PointGroup, and Region Central Body

Celestial Objects

Rotating Libration Points

Rotating-Pulsating Systems

Extraterrestrial Force Modeling

Solar System