Extraterrestrial Force Modeling

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FreeFlyer can model multiple gravitational potential fields in the propagation of a Spacecraft. For example, on a transfer from the earth to the moon, you can turn on the gravity fields of the Earth, Moon, Sun, and Jupiter to give more accurate results.


1.To edit the forces on a Spacecraft object, open the Spacecraft object and select the Force Model page

2.Select celestial bodies from the Available Bodies list

3.Choose the Field Type for each body:

Point Mass

Zonal Potential

Zonal and Tesseral Potential

Zonal and Tesseral Potential with Solid Tides

4.Edit the properties available for that type


For more information and examples on working with a Spacecraft's Force Model, see the Setting up a Force Model section of the Spacecraft Propagation Guide. There are further examples of extraterrestrial forces under the Gravitational Forces section.




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