Release Notes for FreeFlyer 6.11.1

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Issues Addressed in FreeFlyer 6.11.1

Orbit Determination

Fixed a crash in the Spacecraft Orbit Determination general page

Corrected an issue where TDRS / BRTS Doppler processing wouldn't give good residuals in some cases

Variational equations is now properly set as the default CovariancePropagationMethod for new Spacecraft objects

Addressed an error when using some Orbit Determination properties with a Spacecraft initialized in the GUI

Internal calculations using the TEME frame now use the most up-to-date state instead of a cached state

The fixed lag smoother can no longer run out of memory and error when called too frequently



Sensor Views now support fields of view as low as 0.001 degrees

The OrbitNumberDaily Spacecraft property now properly resets in all cases

Fixed an issue where FreeFlyer called from a service could fail to find a license for the SYSTEM user account

Crashes with accessing acceleration properties in rare circumstances have been fixed

Addressed a rare crash in the script overview of the Mission Sequence



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