PlateModel Object

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The PlateModel object holds all the settings for the plate model and contains a list of Plates called Spacecraft.PlateModel.Plates[].Users have the ability to add Plates or a box of Plates to a PlateModel to easily model a Spacecraft's geometry. Users can query values such as a PlateModel's SRP force, torque, or incident area throughout the duration of the Spacecraft's propagation. Once the PlateModel is defined, users can visualize their flat plate model in Mission Views to visually confirm the plate configuration, including the plates' size, location, and normal direction. See the Flat Plate Model guide for more information.




Users cannot create instances of this type of object. However, users can access instances of this object type that have been created indirectly, for example as children of other objects. Users can also access any static properties and methods on this object type.


Inheritance Hierarchy: Object->PlateModel

Parent Object: Spacecraft


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Timing Precision Mode

This page describes functionality in millisecond timing precision mode. Millisecond timing precision mode is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. We recommend that you migrate your Mission Plans to nanosecond timing precision mode.

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